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Plea of Guilty Without Personal Appearance

  1. Plea of Guilty Without Personal Appearance

    Pursuant to Traffic Rule 13, I hereby waive my right to trial and enter a plea of GUILTY to the AMENDED charge of Unsafe Vehicle in violation of Village of Bratenahl Codified Ordinance Section 337.01 which is a zero-point violation. I understand that my total fines and costs will be $195.00 and that I will have 7 days to pay said fines and costs. 

    ** You are ineligible for this program if any of the following applies to you: 

    ~ You have a License Forfeiture / Warrant Block.

    ~ You have an active warrant for your arrest with the Bratenahl Police Department.

    ~ You have been cited for more than one violation on your citation.

    ~ MANDATORY APPEARANCE REQUIRED has been marked by the officer on your citation.

    ~ You have been cited for Assured Clear Distance Ahead (Ord. 333.03a)

    ~ You have been cited for Failure to Control of a Motor Vehicle (Ord. 331.34a)

    ~ You have been cited for speed 30+ mph over the posted speed limit (Ord. 333.03). 

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