Where was my vehicle towed to?

3S Towing - 29090 Anderson Road - Wickliffe, Ohio 44092

Telephone: (440) 347-9560  

Directions to 3S Towing (from the Bratenahl Police Department):

Turn Right onto Bratenahl Rd (0.1 mi)

Turn Right onto Lake Shore Blvd (0.7 mi)

Turn Right onto Eddy Rd (0.2 mi)

Turn Left to merge onto I-90 E/OH-2 E towards Erie (0.4 mi)

Merge onto I-90 E/OH-2 E (6.1 mi)

Keep right at the fork to continue on I-90 E, follow signs for I-271 S/Erie PA (0.6 mi)

Take exit 186 for US-20/Euclid Ave (0.4 mi)

Turn Left onto US-20 E/Euclid Ave (0.6 mi)

Turn Left onto E 289th Street (0.2 mi) 

Turn Right onto Anderson Road (0.1 mi) – 3 S Towing will be on the left

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