Where is the Building Department located? What is the phone number?

411 Bratenahl Rd - Bratenahl, Ohio 44108

(216) 681-3706

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1. How much do permits cost?
2. What information do I need when submitting application for building permit?
3. When do I need to pay for the permit?
4. Where is the Building Department located? What is the phone number?
5. What are your hours of operation?
6. What is the name of the Village Building Inspector?
7. What is the Exterior Maintenance Program?
8. I received a letter regarding the Exterior Maintenance Program. What do I do now?
9. I have received a misdemeanor citation from the court. What can I do?
10. Do I need a permit to re-roof?
11. Do I need a permit to put siding on my home?
12. Can I get an inspection within the same day of scheduling the inspection?
13. Can the permit application be faxed?
14. Can I obtain an electrical, mechanical, or plumbing permit from the Village of Bratenahl?
15. What do I need a building (construction) permit for? What is the procedure?
16. How many construction permit drawings are required to submit a construction permit?
17. I would like to schedule a building and/or electrical and/or fire and/or mechanical and/or plumbing inspection?
18. What is the schedule for building and/or electrical and/or mechanical and/or plumbing inspections?
19. When is a permit NOT required?
20. Is a Point of Sale (POS) required?
21. What permits do I need to close on my house?
22. What time can construction take place in Bratenahl?
23. When does a construction permit application require a survey?
24. What codes does Bratenahl use for construction?
25. Where can I buy a copy of the Construction Code?
26. When is a tree removal permit required?
27. When is a permit required for improvements to a single-family dwelling?
28. When is a permit required for improvements to a commercial building?
29. What is required for Contractor Registration?
30. What are the hours construction work is permitted?
31. Why issue bonds?
32. Does the village allow Airbnb?
33. What home improvements are subject to board review?
34. What is Board of Zoning and Appeals?
35. How do I apply for BZA?
36. What is the purpose of the Architectural Review Board?
37. Why do I have to go to ARB or Planning Commission?
38. Do I have to pay?