Citizen Commendation & Complaint Information

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Complete the Citizen Commendation & Complaint Form.

We welcome citizen recognition of police employees performing in an effective and quality manner. Citizen commendations will be reviewed by the Chief of Police for possible further action and also will be forwarded to the commended employee.

Written and Signed Complaints
The Bratenahl Police Department is committed to maintaining integrity, discipline, and a relationship with the community of trust and confidence. If you believe an employee of the Bratenahl Police Department has behaved unprofessionally, is in violation of law, or has violated your constitutional rights in any manner you are encouraged to inform the department. Fill out the online form, type or print a detailed account of the incident as you personally remember it. If you are unable to write you may seek assistance at the Bratenahl Police Department. Include the location, date, time, names and addresses of those involved or witnessing the conduct or involved in the incident the officer was responding to. Describe in detail what you feel the officer did that was not proper and why. Describe what you would feel should be done about the conduct and why.

Before any investigation can be conducted a signed written complaint must be completed. You must give your name, address, phone number, and sign the form. Complaints received unsigned or incomplete will be reviewed for possible independent investigation or may be dismissed without action.

Return the form in person or mail directly to the Bratenahl Village Police Department at the following address:
Chief of Police
Bratenahl Village Police Department
411 Bratenahl Road
Bratenahl, Ohio 44108

Please allow 4-6 weeks for the investigation to be completed. You will be notified by letter of the disposition of your complaint if you request.