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1. How much is my ticket?
2. How can I pay for my ticket?
3. How can I get information about my case?
4. What is the court address and business hours of operation?
5. How do I know if I have to appear in court or if I can just pay the waiver?
6. What does the term "waiverable" mean?
7. How do I find out how many points a violation is?
8. How do I find out how many points I already have?
9. I missed my court date. What do I do?
10. How do I reschedule my court date?
11. How do I get a public defender for my case?
12. How do I get my record sealed?
13. How do I request a court record?
14. What happens when I appear in Bratenahl Mayor's Court?
15. Does Bratenahl Mayor's Court offer a payment plan if I cannot make my payment in full?
16. Can I set up a payment arrangement for my waiverable ticket?
17. Can I enter a plea for my waiverable ticket without appearing in court?
18. When is traffic court held?