Community Center (COVID19) Rules

  1. Not feeling well?  Stay home.
  2. Personal masks are required in the building.  The Village does not provide masks. (See #5)
  3. Each person must sign in and sanitize when entering the building.  Temperature can be taken when requested.
  4. Six-foot social distancing must always be maintained.
  5. Mask wearing is always required unless engaged in strenuous physical activity.
  6. Do not arrive early for classes.
  7. No more than two people allowed in the fitness room at a time.
  8. No more than two people in the gym at a time to shoot hoops, 6-foot distancing is mandatory.
  9. Groups may not be larger than 10 people (exceptions may be made in specific circumstances).
  10. Bring your own water, no coolers or fountains will be available.

1                       (A complete list of state guidelines is available at or the Center office)