Court Payment Plan Options & Forms

               331.34a -     Failure to Control
               333.03a -     Assured Clear Distance Ahead
               333.03 -       Speed 30 mph over the posted speed limit

** Citations marked MANDATORY COURT APPEARANCE REQUIRED are NOT eligible for this program **

** If you are cited for more than one offense you are NOT eligible for this program. You are required to appear in court. ** 

  • Plea Payment Plan Request Form  - 90-day payment plan option ONLY for defendants that have been approved for the Plea of Guilty without Personal Appearance program.

  • Plea in Absentia ** Can only be made by contacting the Clerk of Courts office during business hours**

           ***License Forfeitures, Warrant Blocks, and Contempt of Court warrants (balance of fines owed) are NOT  ELIGIBLE for any of the above-listed programs.  ***