Non-Recycle and Recyclable Pick-Up Program

Dumpster Bandit delivers two free rubbish carts to each household in the Village. New residents in need of containers should contact Dumpster Bandit at (216) 402-2547.
Your trash carts are part of an automated program which will increase the cleanliness and efficiency of rubbish collection in our Village. Our program is a model for other communities as our residents continue to increase our recycling tonnage each year.

Benefits include:

  • Container lids permanently attached
  • Containers easy to load and maneuver
  • Faster collection
  • Neat and orderly appearance
  • Odors and rubbish contained
  • Safe and effective method of rubbish collection

Reasons to Recycle

The Village encourages residents to recycle by using the 96-gallon container with the green lid for pick-up on regular collection days. Place recycle containers at the curb or, if living in an association community, at the end of your driveway. The container lid must close and silver lift bar should face the street.

Recycling saves resources; prevents pollution; reduces the need for landfills and incineration; supports public health by decreasing emissions of greenhouse gases; and creates jobs.
Blue can with gray lid

Items pictured can be recycled

Blue Circles

Important Guidelines: In-Home Recycling


Blue container w/ Green Lid: Recycle

Do not place yard waste in green containers.

Acceptable recycle items that can be co-mingled in the green container:

  • Newspapers, including inserts, miscellaneous paper, magazines, junk mail, cardboard and paperboard (cereal and clean pizza boxes). Do not place loose shredded paper in the green container. Shredded paper must be placed in a cardboard box or paper bag.
  • Aluminum, steel and bimetal cans (food and beverage cans only)
  • Glass: bottles and jars (food and beverage containers only)
  • Please rinse all containers listed above
  • Milk and Juice containers called aseptic containers (cartons with a wax covering) and cardboard egg container

 Plastic Bags

Plastic grocery bags and netted produce bags are not recyclable. Most grocery stores no longer accept used plastic grocery bags. Check with your local grocery retail stores.

Recycling Note:

Metal clothing hangers are not recyclable, however your dry cleaning company will be glad to receive your used hangers.

Blue can with green lid

OTHER RECYCLING  ** The items below can also be dropped off at the Bratenahl Service Department during normal business hours: Monday- Friday 7-3pm**

Scrap Tires

When you buy new tires, dispose of your old tires through your tire retailer at the time of purchase. There is a small fee charged for tire disposal, which is a tax used for transporting and disposing of tires through state licensed facilities. See details at


Residents can drop off computers and related equipment year-round at Service Department. See details about computer recycling at

Televisions are not accepted.  While there is no ban in Ohio on placing televisions and electronics in the regular trash, there are retailers and local companies that offer recycling services for these items.  There may be a fee. See


Blue container: Non-Recycle
  • No containers with excessive foods and liquids still in container
  • Containers that contain hazardous material/liquid are not to be placed in the blue container.
  • Styrofoam™, aluminum foil, pie tins, etc.
  • Light bulbs, ceramics, china etc.
  • Plastic wrap, plastic bags, plastic grocery bags, flower pots, toys, etc.
  • No car batteries
  • Scrap metal, car parts

Items pictured need proper disposal

Red Circles

Proper Disposal

  • Latex Paint

    Latex and any other water-based paint are not hazardous materials, and are not accepted as part of the drop-off disposal program.  Latex paint should be dried out and disposed of in the regular rubbish.  Step by step instructions on how to dry out latex paint is available at

    Needles and Sharps

    Place NEEDLES, SYRINGES, LANCETS, AND OTHER SHARP OBJECTS in a hard plastic (such as a laundry detergent jug) or metal container with a screw-on cap or tightly secured lid. Seal the lid with heavy-duty tape, write “CAUTION: SHARPS” on the side of the container and place in the regular trash. See

    Construction Materials

    All refuse from construction or home remodeling must be contained in the blue 96-gallon trash cart or will not be picked up. You may contact Dumpster Bandit for a dumpster, at an additional charge, at (216) 402-2547 or email them at

    Bulk Items

    Items such as furniture, filing cabinets, mattresses, refrigerators and appliances, etc., can be placed curb side on the last Friday of every month for pick-up by Dumpster Bandit.


    Must be cut into 4 foot lengths or less and contained in the 96-gallon blue trash cart. The lid must be closed.

    Hazardous Materials

    Hazardous materials include the following: Pesticides, insect sprays, herbicides, rust removers, swimming pool chemicals, wood preservatives, chlorine bleach, drain openers, corrosive chemicals (non-commercial), lye, muriatic acid, hobby chemicals, lubricants, used motor oil, used transmission fluid, gear oil, paint products including oil, spray and stripper still in the container, paint thinners, automotive chemicals including waxes, polish, carburetor cleaner, brake fluid, gasoline and antifreeze, car batteries. All hazardous waste can be dropped off  between 7:00 and 3:00 Monday thru Friday by the red shed at the Service Department on Garfield Lane. As a reminder, Mr. David Maund, Bratenahl Service Director, provides a year-round drop at the Village Service Department for hazardous waste, used paint, tires and computers. This program is part of our collaboration with the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District.

    Find answers to your recycling, disposal and reuse questions by using the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District’s “What Do I Do With?” search bar located at the top of every page of

Note: If you need an additional 96-gallon containers, you may call 216-402-2547. 

Bratenahl’s new paper recycling bin is located behind the Community Center in the parking lot off Burton Avenue It is telephone book recycling season and you can bring your books to this bin. While some bins do not, our bin does accept cardboard, but please break down all boxes and flatten it as much as you can.

If we all use this bin properly, it will generate a new revenue stream for the Village, however modest it might be.

Solid Waste

Garbage must be bagged or wrapped and placed inside blue 96-gallon cart for weekly pickup. Please secure lid before placing cart at the curb. Leaves and grass should not be placed in bags and left on the tree lawn. Our Service Department handles spring and fall yard waste pick-up, April 15 to May 15 and September 30 to December 15. During these times, yard waste can be left in bulk on the tree lawn. Before or after this time, yard waste you do not compost should be placed in the blue carts.

On rubbish collection day, all waste must be:

  • Kept in blue carts with the gray lid.
  • Placed at the curb or at the end of your driveway if you live in an association community. Silver lift bar should face the street

Drop-off Recycling in Bratenahl

Bratenahl’s new paper recycling bin is located behind the Community Center in the parking lot off Burton Avenue. You can recycle phone books and cardboard in the drop-off bin. Please break down all boxes and flatten them as much as you can.

Further Information

For more details about recycling, visit the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District at or

The Solid Waste District also offers Recycling FAQs for Cuyahoga County and information on how to recycle properly. Recycle more, recycle better in Bratenahl.