Mayor's Court


Administrative Order


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, The Village of Bratenahl’s Prosecutor’s Office in an effort to limit personal appearances in Bratenahl Mayor’s Court.

Effective immediately, to resolve minor misdemeanor traffic offenses without appearing in Court, the Bratenahl Prosecutor’s Office will amend all minor misdemeanor moving violations to a non-moving, no point violation.

The following violations are NOT eligible for this program. 

331.34a    Failure to Control

333.03a   Assured Clear Distance Ahead

333.03     Speed 30 mph over speed limit

For all eligible minor misdemeanor traffic citations that were issued after February 15th 2020 or before July 15, 2020 the Plea of Guilty Without Personal Appearance form must be submitted before
October 15, 2020.

For all minor misdemeanor traffic violations that were issued after July 15, 2020, the guilty waiver to the amended charge must be submitted before the scheduled arraignment date (date found on the bottom of the ticket).

When the guilty plea to the reduced charge is accepted by the Court you will have 7 business days to pay the fines and costs.

To participate click the following link:

Plea of Guilty Without Personal Appearance Form